Guide to The Best Tops for Under Women’s Suits

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Opt for sleeves with cuffs so the sleeves do not ride up when you put on your jacket, causing bunching that ruins the line of the jacket sleeve. What do you avoid wearing? I prefer a large, colorful print under conservative suits, including pinstripe, navy, etc.

Mar 14,  · If you wear traditional, conservative suits frequently, can you point me in the direction of your favorite blouses to wear with them? I'm putting together some interview-appropriate outfits for a week long process.
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Appropriate Tops for Women to Wear Under a Suit Wear a blouse under your suit. A blouse gives a feminine touch to a suit. It provides a secondary outfit if you expect that you will be taking off your jacket. There are many types of blouses and many types of suit jackets. Choose a blouse with a neckline that is complementary to the neckline.
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Mar 14,  · If you wear traditional, conservative suits frequently, can you point me in the direction of your favorite blouses to wear with them? I'm putting together some interview-appropriate outfits for a week long process.

A tailored suit is a traditional option for interviews in conservative or corporate work environments. Tops or blouses don't typically come with suit separates, so you'll want options that are appropriate and convey a professional appearance.

Always tuck your shirt in, especially if it has curved shirttails. Regardless of trends, this practice is considered the norm. A well-fitted blouse should not strain at the buttons when you sit down. Shelley Moench-Kelly is a writer and editor whose clients range from L'Oreal and www. She has interviewed notables such as Dr.

Her first book, "Egg," is slated for release in Choose basic blouse styles to wear under a suit jacket. Basic Colors White, ivory and French blue are conservative colors that look good with suit jackets of any color or pattern. Jacket On or Off What type of blouse you wear under a suit jacket also depends on whether you plan to remove the jacket. Tuck your button-down into the waistband of your bottoms to maintain a polished and professional appearance.

A silk or jersey silk blouse adds feminine appeal to a tailored suit. Other opaque materials work as well, just avoid anything too revealing like sheer fabrics or lace.

A neutral color is versatile, while interesting details like a high neckline, tie-neck or a Peter Pan collar add visual interest without being too trendy. Prints and embellishments are appropriate in creative work environments as long as they're small and don't overwhelm the ensemble.

Stick with sleeveless or cap sleeved blouse styles as they easily layer and keep you cool underneath your blazer. A solid neutral colored sweater layered under your suit adds dimension and texture to an otherwise basic ensemble. Luxurious fabrics like silk or cashmere make a sweater suitable for an interview and less weekend-ready.

Cap sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves are a versatile option that won't add volume underneath your suit jacket.

I also have a couple non-bulky cowl necks that look fine with suit jackets or blazers. Agreed — I also wear cowl necks under suit jackets, although usually with those that have more curved lapels that flow gracefully with the lines of the top.

I wear cowl necks under suits all the time — in fact, it is one of my more preferred looks. I wear a small lapel pin instead of a necklace. I wait for a sales and buy every color.

I wear them under suits, sweaters, cardigans, wrap dresses, you name it, and by themselves on the weekend. I just wish they made in them in prints. How low cut are those? I get these in a large and have never once felt that the V went too low. The ruching also gives a little extra boob room without turning the whole shirt into a sack. I second this recommendation. I love these, in the long-sleeved version. On me, the neck is a perfect non-cleavage V. I also love that they come in tall.

I recommended them on a similar post a couple of weeks ago. I own several of these because they go on sale a lot and are comfy and great for traveling.

I would never wear them under a suit because I am rather large chested and they show far too much cleavage. I also think the material is quite thin. What I love is all the tops with interesting neckline details that are popular these days — shirring or lace or ruffles or the like; I think they add some nice interest when paired with a suit. I also really like tucking a scarf in the neckline of a jacket, which can dress up a plain tee shirt. However, while I get the dry cleaning issue, I also very much like sleeveless tops with suits.

I have broad shoulders and large-ish upper arms, and sleeves under jackets tend to bunch up and bind and annoy the crap out of me. But I never take my jacket off. I have a white and blue that have both held up well, though, admittedly, this was a few years ago and maybe quality has taken a hit.

I do iron but I also iron non-iron shirts. I wore them with my tight-rolled jeans and scrunchies. My sharpest outfit was, at one time, a yellow body suit with a pair of tapered black jeans. And, I also was fond of bodysuits back in the day. I love all the suggestions commenters are giving so am adding ideas to my shopping list: The comments and findings on women in collared shirts are very interesting!

I have always felt magically competent in a button-down, as if POOF! I own almost every color of button-down imaginable for this reason—during a confidence-shaking period, I need to be able to wear one every single day, for weeks! But I always thought it was just me: As to what top to wear with a suit, I have a cautionary note on the suit-buying side: I find it incredibly annoying to have a jacket whose buttons come up too high.

I realized too late that one of my go-to suits is like this. I wish I had thought about tops when buying the suit—lesson learned. My problem is related, but different. Here in Fla, hi temps are already around Can anyone give guidelines on picking dresses to wear with jackets? Sheath dresses look great with jackets, I wear my plain black one with a grey and black pinstripe which has black trim. The cropped straight jackets e.

The best thing you can do is wear the dress out shopping and try on a bunch of jackets at different places. I often pair a dark purple jersey dress with a taupe BR suit jacket one-button. Just tie the color palette together with shoes focus on color and accessories: I tend to prefer the jacket to be the lighter color, but that might just be me.

My advice is that they should either match as in part of a set or be obviously different e. How apropros, I was just discussing on the other threads how I wear dresses with suits.

It seems I can nip my waist in with a fitted sweater or jacket, but a belt just make me look larger than I am. I have a question related to this: Just this past weekend I turned to face a woman in a great jacket…with the top of her bright pink lacy push up bra peaking and her cleavage heaving over the top.

Finally, some other thoughts on blouses for under suits: It lies flat under suits and cardis, and washes so well (does not get misshapen or fade). The fabric is very soft, yet substantial/not sheer. It’s pricey for a basic top at $46, but there are always sales on colors that are being discontinued. Free shipping and returns on Women's Shirts & Blouses Work Clothing at Many women assume that a suit jacket can cover a multitude of shirt styles -- anything from a tank top to a bulky sweater -- and render these styles professional. Getting the look right isn't quite that easy. Basic colors and blouse styles are the safest way to avoid a social misstep, regardless of.

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